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  1. Topaz Leon Uris

  2. Noble House James Clavell

  3. Gai-Jin James Clavell

  4. Whirlwind James Clavell

  5. King Rat James Clavell

  6. Escape James Clavell

  7. Shōgun James Clavell

  8. Tai-Pan James Clavell

  9. Summit Harry Farthing

  10. The Enigma Affair Charlie Lovett

  11. A Plague on Both Your Houses Robert Littell

  12. Silent Came the Monster Amy Hill Hearth

  13. Never Sleep Fred Van Lente

  14. 76 Hours Larry Alexander

  15. Shattered Jade Larry Alexander

  16. The Devil’s Daughter Gordon Greisman

  17. The Girl from the Grand Hotel Camille Aubray

  18. The Boys from Brazil Ira Levin

  19. Shōgun, Part One James Clavell

  20. Shōgun, Part Two James Clavell

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