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  1. Out of Time Matthew Mather

  2. Falling T. J. Newman

  3. Meet Your Maker Matthew Mather

  4. The Dreaming Tree Matthew Mather

  5. We, the Jury Robert Rotstein

  6. The Girl Who Ran Nikki Owen

  7. The Killing Files Nikki Owen

  8. Subject 375 Nikki Owen

  9. Beneath Cruel Waters Jon Bassoff

  10. The Broken Room Peter Clines

  11. River Woman, River Demon Jennifer Givhan

  12. The Deceit Sara Foster

  13. Imposter Bradeigh Godfrey

  14. The Sanctuary Andrew Hunter Murray

  15. At Dark, I Become Loathsome Eric LaRocca

  16. The Brothers Kenney Adam Mitzner

  17. Bodies to Die For Lori Brand

  18. The Followers Bradeigh Godfrey

  19. The Sandbox Brian Andrews

  20. Break Every Rule Brian Freeman

  21. What Remains Wendy Walker

  22. For Worse L. K. Bowen

  23. The Cloisters Katy Hays

  24. American Girl Wendy Walker

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