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  1. Dancing on the Edge Russ Tamblyn

  2. The Last Love Song Kalie Holford

  3. Ordinary Bear C. B. Bernard

  4. Four Minutes Brian Andrews

  5. A Kiss Before Dying Ira Levin

  6. For Worse L. K. Bowen

  7. Dangerous Visions Harlan Ellison

  8. Promise Kept K’wan

  9. Shattered Jade Larry Alexander

  10. Lilith Eric Rickstad

  11. The Talk Show Murders Al Roker

  12. Wayfinders Bryan Chick

  13. The Terror in Jenny’s Armpit Patrick Carman

  14. Till Human Voices Wake Us Rebecca Roque

  15. Dark Arena Jack Beaumont

  16. The Temple of Persephone Isabella Kamal

  17. Exit Black Joe Pitkin

  18. The Midnight Show Murders Al Roker

  19. A Plague on Both Your Houses Robert Littell

  20. Sons of War 4: Soldiers Nicholas Sansbury Smith

  21. Lonely for You Only Monica Murphy

  22. The Royal Game Linda Keir

  23. Sideways New Zealand Rex Pickett

  24. Cool Food Robert Downey

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