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  1. Matthew Johnson, US Marshal Johnny D. Boggs

  2. The Fall of Abilene Johnny D. Boggs

  3. Buckskin, Bloomers, and Me Johnny D. Boggs

  4. The Desert Rider L. P. Holmes

  5. Absaroka Valley Lauran Paine

  6. Dead Ringer Louis L’Amour

  7. The Trail to Crazy Man Louis L’Amour

  8. Silvermane Zane Grey

  9. Jigger Bunts Max Brand

  10. The Man without a Gun Lauran Paine

  11. Panguitch Zane Grey

  12. Ten Feet Tall Wayne D. Overholser

  13. A Man Called Trent Louis L’Amour

  14. All Things Left Wild James Wade

  15. The Valley of the 99 Wayne D. Overholser

  16. Riders of the Dawn Louis L’Amour

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