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  1. Into the Inferno Stuart Palley

  2. Bare Knuckle Stayton Bonner

  3. We Share the Same Sky Rachael Cerrotti

  4. We March at Midnight Ray McPadden

  5. The Storytellers Mark Rubinstein

  6. Killer Triggers Joe Kenda

  7. The Twenty-Ninth Day Alex Messenger

  8. Flying Free Cecilia Aragon

  9. Epic Solitude Katherine Keith

  10. Go Find Susan Purvis

  11. Son of a Midnight Land Atz Kilcher

  12. Disturbed in Their Nests Alephonsion Deng

  13. Mr. & Mrs. Hollywood Kathleen Sharp

  14. Grandma Says: Wake Up, World! Agnes Baker Pilgrim

  15. Ain’t That A Mother Adiba Nelson

  16. God, Family, Country Craig Morgan

  17. Harvard Can't Teach What You Learn from the Streets Sam Liebman

  18. The Unspoken Ashley Haseotes

  19. Business Model David C. Williams

  20. 12 Trips in 12 Months Jen Ruiz

  21. Reach Arthur Smith

  22. Life in the Key of G Kenny G

  23. Family Reins Billy Busch

  24. Exit Wounds Lanny Hunter

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