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  1. In All Good Faith Liza Nash Taylor

  2. I Am DJ Michelle Michelle Rasul

  3. Ezra Exposed Amy E. Feldman

  4. Shadow Wars: The Secret War Sherrilyn Kenyon

  5. Wayfinders Bryan Chick

  6. A Cloud Called Bhura Bijal Vachharajani

  7. Slime Doesn’t Pay! R. L. Stine

  8. Attack of the Forty-Foot Chicken Patrick Carman

  9. Escape from the Dungeons of Snerbville Patrick Carman

  10. Miracle Moments & the History of Sports Kenny Abdo

  11. Dogs & More Dogs! Grace Hansen

  12. VIPs & History Makers Grace Hansen

  13. Nadia & Nadir Marzieh A. Ali

  14. The Terror in Jenny’s Armpit Patrick Carman

  15. What Day Are You? Steve Sombrero

  16. The Beverly Hills Jump Rope Queen Annie Judis

  17. Because My Destiny Awaits Corwin McGinnis

  18. Dinosaur Jumbo Grace Hansen

  19. Shark Night R. L. Stine

  20. A Dozen Delicious Donuts Chanda Ouk Wolf

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