Literary Fiction

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  1. Finding Grace Janis Thomas

  2. La Resurrección de Fulgencio Ramirez Rudy Ruiz

  3. No Gods, No Monsters Cadwell Turnbull

  4. In All Good Faith Liza Nash Taylor

  5. everyman M Shelly Conner

  6. The Ocean in Winter Elizabeth de Veer

  7. A Hand to Hold in Deep Water Shawn Nocher

  8. River, Sing Out James Wade

  9. Cormorant Lake Faith Merino

  10. Trinity Sight Jennifer Givhan

  11. Jubilee Jennifer Givhan

  12. The Resurrection of Fulgencio Ramirez Rudy Ruiz

  13. The Mighty Oak Jeff W. Bens

  14. A Door between Us Ehsaneh Sadr

  15. Truth, by Omission Daniel Beamish

  16. Another Life Robert Haller

  17. Block Seventeen Kimiko Guthrie

  18. Beyond the Horizon Eoin Lane

  19. All Things Left Wild James Wade

  20. The Lesson Cadwell Turnbull

  21. Little Crew of Butchers Francine Pascal

  22. Pale Edward A. Farmer

  23. Willa’s Grove Laura Munson

  24. Remembered Yvonne Battle-Felton

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