Small Town & Rural

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  1. Greetings from Asbury Park Daniel H. Turtel

  2. Edgewater Road Shelley Shepard Gray

  3. The Ursulina Brian Freeman

  4. I Am Not Who You Think I Am Eric Rickstad

  5. Butcher Pen Road Kris Lackey

  6. A Hand to Hold in Deep Water Shawn Nocher

  7. River, Sing Out James Wade

  8. Cormorant Lake Faith Merino

  9. The Deep, Deep Snow Brian Freeman

  10. The Mighty Oak Jeff W. Bens

  11. Everything Here Is under Control Emily Adrian

  12. Spindle City Jotham Burrello

  13. Greasy Bend Kris Lackey

  14. Beyond the Horizon Eoin Lane

  15. All Things Left Wild James Wade

  16. Little Crew of Butchers Francine Pascal

  17. Pale Edward A. Farmer

  18. Willa’s Grove Laura Munson

  19. A Town Divided by Christmas Orson Scott Card

  20. Nail’s Crossing Kris Lackey

  21. Beneath Cruel Waters Jon Bassoff

  22. The Precious Jules Shawn Nocher

  23. Manmade Constellations Misha Lazzara

  24. Beasts of the Earth James Wade

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