Police Procedurals

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  1. The Ursulina Brian Freeman

  2. The Good Turn Dervla McTiernan

  3. Butcher Pen Road Kris Lackey

  4. The Sinner Martyn Waites

  5. Ash James Rayburn

  6. The Deep, Deep Snow Brian Freeman

  7. Funeral for a Friend Brian Freeman

  8. Death Waits in the Dark Mark Edward Langley

  9. Greasy Bend Kris Lackey

  10. The Dark Corners of the Night Meg Gardiner

  11. The Old Religion Martyn Waites

  12. A Dredging in Swann Tim Garvin

  13. Path of the Dead Mark Edward Langley

  14. The Cold Cold Ground Adrian McKinty

  15. Rain Dogs Adrian McKinty

  16. Police at the Station and They Don’t Look Friendly Adrian McKinty

  17. I Hear the Sirens in the Street Adrian McKinty

  18. In the Morning I’ll Be Gone Adrian McKinty

  19. Gun Street Girl Adrian McKinty

  20. Nail’s Crossing Kris Lackey

  21. Good Night, Forever Jeffrey Fleishman

  22. Snowstorm in August Marshall Karp

  23. The Zero Night Brian Freeman

  24. NYPD Red 7 Marshall Karp

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