Women Sleuths

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  1. Edgewater Road Shelley Shepard Gray

  2. The Ursulina Brian Freeman

  3. The Archivist Rex Pickett

  4. Out of Time Matthew Mather

  5. The Deep, Deep Snow Brian Freeman

  6. Meet Your Maker Matthew Mather

  7. The Dreaming Tree Matthew Mather

  8. The Dark Corners of the Night Meg Gardiner

  9. Rewind Catherine Ryan Howard

  10. Fifty Grand Adrian McKinty

  11. Shadowheart Meg Gardiner

  12. The Royal Game Linda Keir

  13. Sycamore Circle Shelley Shepard Gray

  14. Never Sleep Fred Van Lente

  15. What Remains Wendy Walker

  16. Last One Alive Jennifer Graeser Dornbush

  17. Frozen Lives Jennifer Graeser Dornbush

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