Thriller & Suspense

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  1. The Shadows of London Nick Jones

  2. Finding Grace Janis Thomas

  3. Topaz Leon Uris

  4. The Angry Hills Leon Uris

  5. The Grayson Sherbrooke Otherworldly Adventures, Books 1–5 Catherine Coulter

  6. And Then She Vanished Nick Jones

  7. A Cool Breeze on the Underground Don Winslow

  8. The Trail to Buddha’s Mirror Don Winslow

  9. Way Down on the High Lonely Don Winslow

  10. A Long Walk up the Water Slide Don Winslow

  11. The Observer Effect Nick Jones

  12. The Archivist Rex Pickett

  13. The Hush Sara Foster

  14. Out of Time Matthew Mather

  15. I Am Not Who You Think I Am Eric Rickstad

  16. Hell Divers VIII: King of the Wastes Nicholas Sansbury Smith

  17. Adverse Effects Joel Shulkin

  18. The Good Turn Dervla McTiernan

  19. Felonious Monk William Kotzwinkle

  20. 56 Days Catherine Ryan Howard

  21. Butcher Pen Road Kris Lackey

  22. Falling T. J. Newman

  23. Master Artificer Justin Travis Call

  24. Jungle Up Nick Pirog

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