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  1. The Grayson Sherbrooke Otherworldly Adventures, Books 1–5 Catherine Coulter

  2. The Warrior Poet Sharon Lynn Fisher

  3. Noble House James Clavell

  4. Gai-Jin James Clavell

  5. The Raven Lady Sharon Lynn Fisher

  6. The Absinthe Earl Sharon Lynn Fisher

  7. Whirlwind James Clavell

  8. King Rat James Clavell

  9. Shōgun James Clavell

  10. Tai-Pan James Clavell

  11. Back in Society M. C. Beaton

  12. Colonel Sandhurst to the Rescue M. C. Beaton

  13. Sir Philip’s Folly M. C. Beaton

  14. Mrs. Budley Falls from Grace M. C. Beaton

  15. The Indigo Girl Natasha Boyd

  16. Miss Tonks Turns to Crime M. C. Beaton

  17. Lady Fortescue Steps Out M. C. Beaton

  18. Hotel Portofino J. P. O’Connell

  19. The Swift and the Harrier Minette Walters

  20. Emily Goes to Exeter M. C. Beaton

  21. Belinda Goes to Bath M. C. Beaton

  22. Penelope Goes to Portsmouth M. C. Beaton

  23. Beatrice Goes to Brighton M. C. Beaton

  24. Deborah Goes to Dover M. C. Beaton

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