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  1. Trailer Park Trickster David R. Slayton

  2. The Warrior Poet Sharon Lynn Fisher

  3. No Gods, No Monsters Cadwell Turnbull

  4. Master Artificer Justin Travis Call

  5. The Reincarnationist Papers D. Eric Maikranz

  6. Forgotten P. C. Cast

  7. God Storm Coco Ma

  8. White Trash Warlock David R. Slayton

  9. Trinity Sight Jennifer Givhan

  10. The Raven Lady Sharon Lynn Fisher

  11. Shadow Frost Coco Ma

  12. Kingdom of Ice and Bone Jill Criswell

  13. Beasts of the Frozen Sun Jill Criswell

  14. Found P. C. Cast

  15. Master of Sorrows Justin Travis Call

  16. The Absinthe Earl Sharon Lynn Fisher

  17. Divine by Mistake P. C. Cast

  18. Divine by Choice P. C. Cast

  19. Brighid’s Quest P. C. Cast

  20. Divine by Blood P. C. Cast

  21. Elphame’s Choice P. C. Cast

  22. Lost P. C. Cast

  23. Loved P. C. Cast

  24. The Nobodies Alanna Schubach

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