John Katzenbach

John Katzenbach
  • From #1 internationally bestselling author John Katzenbach

    Five serial killers …

    Known only to each other as:

    Alpha. Bravo. Charlie. Delta. Easy.

    Connected through a secure internet location, encrypted and concealed, a unique chat room they have named Jack’s Special Place in homage to their ultimate model—the one killer they hold in the highest esteem:

    Whitechapel, London. 1888. The infamous murderer remembered in dark history as Jack the Ripper.  

    And so, they are Jack’s Boys.

    They delight in each other’s crimes. They relish in taunting police around the world with odd clues and deep confusion—the modern version of the Victorian-era killer they emulate. While the original Jack sent letters to Fleet Street papers, they send pictures and online boasts and insults. In this fashion, they feed on each other’s killings, a private community of death. Arrogant. Conceited. Untouchable.

    Or so they thought.

    Until one day they are hacked.

    Two teenagers, lying on their bed at home. Boyfriend and girlfriend. Slightly disaffected, each with their own issues—but deeply in young love and equally fascinated by the world of the dark web, where they accidentally stumble upon Jack’s Boys in their private space …

    Whom they immediately mock.

    This triggers a landslide of anger and revenge as the killers decide to teach the two teenagers a lesson in humility and respect for their betters. And caught up in this web of death are the teenage boy’s grandmother and grandfather—an ICU nurse and a former college admissions counselor with his own hidden, murderous history, an ex-Marine, Viet vet, still haunted by his time in that conflict.

    When the five killers emerge from their shadows, this odd band of young and old will have to find a way to expose them. Or defeat them. Or save their own lives.