Katharyn Blair

Katharyn Blair
  • Perfect for fans of The Last Thing He Told Me and A Flicker in the Dark, The Hushed is a haunting paranormal thriller—infused with a dangerous, forbidden romance—that introduces a brand-new type of undead …

    Eerie Ashwood may look like a regular college student—she has a job at a local diner and attends classes at the community college—but she’s not. She’s a Hushed, a living secret made of flesh and blood, spawned by the death of a human who had something to hide. While the Hushed blend in among humans, they are haunted by an overwhelming urge to spill their secret to those whom it would hurt the most. But once a Hushed tells their secret, they drop dead.

    Unlike most Hushed, Eerie and her brother Fabian can’t remember their secrets. All they know is they’re connected to the infamous Ironbark Prison fire, but everything else is a blur of smoke and fear. Everything changes when Eerie meets Logan Winspeare, the hell-raising son of one of the victims of the fire, who is searching for answers about the night his mother died. Eerie knows she should stay far away from both Logan and the mysteries surrounding that night, but she can’t escape her curiosity—or her growing attraction to Logan.

    But the harder Eerie falls for Logan, the closer she comes to her secret—and her death. And as she uncovers more about her past, Eerie discovers her secret is tied into something even bigger—a tangled history that leads back thousands of years to the very first of her kind, and a covert organization of ancient Hushed who pledged vengeance on the human world.