Al Roker

Al Roker
  • Murder on Demand, the new book in the delightful Morning Show Murders series from bestselling author and TV news icon Al Roker, finds Billy Blessing investigating a suspicious boating accident in Long Island.

    Ten years have passed since Billy Blessing’s adventure in Chicago, and a lot has changed. With the advances in television—the vanishing cable news and the flood of streaming channels entering the market—Billy found himself out of a job. Oh, and his restaurant had a fire (maybe suspicious? Billy does have enemies . . .), but the insurance won’t cover a rebuild.

    So Billy is reinventing himself on the North Fork of Long Island, where on a clear day you can see the Hamptons across the bay. The pace of life is slower—and more affordable—and he’s been enjoying his new job as a chef in Greenport. That is, until a young woman walks into the restaurant talking about murder. Her father’s boat washed up down the coast, but the man himself is nowhere to be found. The police are calling it an accident, but she thinks it’s way more than that, and would Billy, maybe, look into it? Nice and quiet since, well, any other way might not be safe.

    Billy is back in another hilarious, suspenseful, and delectable murder mystery perfect for new and old fans alike.

  • The third book in the Morning Show Murders series by bestselling author and iconic news personality Al Roker, The Talk Show Murders finds Billy Blessing with a plate full of danger as secrets from his past threaten to make a comeback.

    Before Billy Blessing was a five-star celebrity chef from New York City, before he was ever on TV, he lived another life under another name: Billy Blanchard, wily con man of the Windy City. Billy did time for his crimes, reinventing himself when he got out and leaving that part of his life far behind—or so he thought. But when he and Eddie Patton, a nosy ex-cop, are both guests on a popular Chicago talk show, the off-camera banter turns to blackmail.

    But this is Chicago, and secrets have a way of getting out—and getting people killed. When Patton is found dead in his apartment hours after trying to shake Billy down, America’s beloved TV host finds himself scrambling to prove his innocence, before he becomes the next poster child for celebrity scandal. Throw in a bit of romance, and Billy may have found himself in one sticky situation not even he can talk his way out of.

    Fast-paced, funny, and bubbling with the inside scoop on a business they call show, The Talk Show Murders is Al Roker at his best.

  • From bestselling author and iconic news personality Al Roker comes The Midnight Show Murders, the second book in the delightful Morning Show Murders series.

    Celebrity chef and Wake Up, America! cohost Billy Blessing heads to Los Angeles in order to help launch O’Day at Night, a new late-night show hosted by Irish comedian Desmond O’Day. LA brings up bad—and bloody—memories for Billy, but a special request from the head of the network sends him flying across the country.

    Twenty years ago, before becoming a famous New York chef, Billy worked in LA at Chez Anisette. One unfortunate evening, the young hostess, Tiffany Arden, was murdered with a meat tenderizer. While Billy always suspected the head chef, Roger Charbonnet, to be the murderer, the case was never solved.

    Now, back in a city he never thought he’d return to, Billy is confronted by Roger, who is still determined to exact vengeance. After a horrifying explosion during taping kills more than Desmond O’Day’s chance at high ratings, Billy believes that he was the intended target—and that Roger was somehow involved. But when politics, infidelity, and high finance get sprinkled in, the case turns out to have more ingredients than Billy ever imagined.

    Filled with the high-style hilarity, insider info, and surefire suspense that are Al Roker’s series trademark, The Midnight Show Murders is a five-star feast for any fan of top-flight mystery fiction.

  • When the celebrity chef from a popular morning news program becomes a prime suspect in a murder investigation, things start to sizzle in this delightful mystery from bestselling author and legendary news personality Al Roker.

    Billy Blessing, owner of the popular Manhattan restaurant Blessing’s Bistro, is a regular contributor on the morning news show, Wake Up, America! Now he’s creating a fresh cooking competition show, but finds himself clashing with Rudy Gallagher, the executive producer. Things get heated in the newsroom, and after exchanging some sharp words, both Billy and Rudy walk away feeling burned.

    Next thing he knows, Rudy is found dead in his luxury apartment, and Billy is the prime suspect. Determined to clear his name, Billy begins his own investigation, only to discover things are much more complicated than he ever imagined. Unsavory characters start coming out of the woodwork, and before long he stumbles into the crosshairs of an international assassin.

    The first in a delicious series, The Morning Show Murders combines the magic of morning show television with the charm of your favorite mysteries, including exciting behind-the-scenes intrigue that can only come from a veteran of network television.