Brian Smith PhD

Brian Smith PhD

    It’s time to contemplate the accountability that comes from your greatest responsibility: Influence.

    Not all leaders have fancy titles or high-paying jobs. Every human has the power to influence and, therefore, is primed to be a leader. By coming to terms with our ability to affect others with our energies, words, and actions, we begin to grow in claiming this responsibility instead of remaining blind.

    Smith and Griffin continue The “I” in Team series journey by helping all humans (all leaders) consider how they will build themselves and others with the power of influence. Through real-life stories and summarized key takeaways, the authors promote out-of-the-box learning. Responsible leaders will encounter topics such as:

    • Evaluating the gaps in the present state of leadership and pivoting toward servant leadership

    • Setting the example and being the influence you wish to see grow on your teams

    • Developing appropriate policies and procedures to ensure a solid organizational foundation

    • Remaining open-minded to create a safe space for diversity to thrive

    • Adapting big-picture ideas into smaller, tactical actions

    The authors transform the understanding that each individual has about themselves and allows them to focus on building positive teams around them.  Responsible Influence calls into question what it means to be a leader and helps identify the future state of leadership.