C. M. Alongi

C. M. Alongi
  • In this luminous sci-fi debut, a nonverbal autistic woman refuses to crumble as she stands against a dogmatic society clinging to a centuries-long conflict built on lies.

    Citadel is the only human city on the alien planet Edalide, ruled by the biweekly tides that bring both deadly danger and much-needed resources. But the drowning waters, constant threat of starvation, and eternal cold aren’t the most dangerous challenge. For the Flooded Forest is ruled by demons: monsters from Hell sent by their vengeful god as penance for their ancestors’ rebellion. To save their souls and return to their former glory, Citadel must kill every single one.

    Or so they believe.

    Olivia lost her lover to the demons almost a year ago. But during a scientific expedition, a chance encounter reveals that the demons are sentient—a startling discovery that would get Olivia executed if she exposed it.

    Driven by the burning need for answers, Olivia embarks on a dangerous journey into the Forest. There, she must face alien monsters, zealous warriors, and the demons of her own past. But change comes slowly, and always with a price…