Robert Swartwood

Robert Swartwood
  • From USA Today bestselling author Robert Swartwood comes Enemy of the State, the propulsive, thrilling, and much anticipated follow-up to The Killing Room

    The world believed Daniel Burke was dead.

    At least, the few people in the government who knew he existed did. Once part of an elite black op team, Burke faked his death so he could avenge his brother. Now that those responsible have been brought to justice, he plans to leave the country and start a new life.

    But before Burke can even get on the plane, his old team has tracked him down.

    The CIA believes Daniel Burke is a traitor—an enemy of the state—who must answer for his crimes. But others in government simply want him dead.

    Knowing he’s been set up, Burke is the only one who can track down and expose the real traitor—before it’s too late.

  • From USA Today bestselling author Robert Swartwood comes another bone-chilling thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

    While on vacation in Las Vegas, a businessman wakes up in a strange hotel room to find a dead woman in the bathtub.

    Panicked, he runs. But before he can get far, a pair of detectives stop him.

    Desperate, he tells them that he’s innocent. That there’s no way he killed the woman. That he’ll do anything not to go to prison.

    That’s when they offer him a way out.

    But there is no way out—as the detectives will soon learn.

    Perfect for fans of Lee Child, Michael Sloan, and Robert Crais, The Killing Room races readers from one revelation to the next at breathtaking speed.