Gabriela Noble

Gabriela Noble
  • “A delightful, must-read book taking you on a healing journey of self-discovery based on the interconnectedness between neuroscience and human emotions.”
    Yanina Tsenkina, PhD, CEO of CYC Biomedical Consulting

    In this dynamically changing and high-velocity world, humankind’s unmet need for inner peace self-identifies on a macro level and compels bolder remedial action at scale. Timed precisely as unsettling current events are persisting into the future, Meta-Brain: Reprogramming the Unconscious for Self-Directed Living boldly celebrates human possibility by helping readers chart at-peace journeys of healthy living and greater accomplishments.

    Author and neuro-tech innovator, Alexandrea Day, presents Adaptive Therapy in Meta-Brain, a breakthrough method of powering self-change derived from her 20 years of research into the human condition and clinical practice with thousands of clients. The thesis of Adaptive Therapy is that humans respond to their current environment based upon established belief systems, formed from past similar experiences. Comprehending that the unconscious mind is the lens through which both past and in-the-moment events and experiences are appraised, Adaptive Therapy helps readers re-program their belief systems to modify automated behaviors that may be self-limiting or, when not adhered to, invoke the stress response system.

    Stress is preventable with Adaptive Therapy. Meta-Brain makes the case that anyone can modify their negative perceptions and reframe them to generate positive outcomes, regardless of how or when they were established. Adaptive Therapy shows how to arrive at a better state of mind with assertive science-backed rationale and methods. Meta-Brain discovers and empowers a freer and more powerful self with a new and permanent level of mental fitness.

    Readers will learn techniques for:

    • Adapting to surroundings instead of trying to manipulate them externally

    • Projecting positive future outcomes and successfully harmonize with their world

    • Accessing groundbreaking mindfulness that can slow down time

    • Amplifying intuition

    • Treating chronic stress

    • Rewiring the unconscious mind to successfully adapt to new events and experiences

    • Framing the mind of a champion; elite performer regardless of parental upbringing 

    Meta-Brain advocates a unique path forward for communities and policymakers looking to eliminate the social conditions creating barriers to learning and adaptive behavioral change. It’s a strong read for healthcare professionals, licensed therapists, and self-assessing individuals intent on learning how to be the best version of themselves.

    Advancing from authoring Meta-Brain, Alexandrea is now focused on building her neuro-tech company, Meta-Brain Labs™, to implement Meta-Brain principles into a range of self-change solutions for at work, at home, and at play hyper-learning applications.

  • “Yeah, I’ve gone through some rough times in my life, but was it really trauma?”

    You may have found yourself thinking something along these lines, and you wouldn’t be alone. Trauma comes in many shapes and sizes, and on some level, we have all experienced it. The unfortunate reality is that many of us pass off or downplay situations or circumstances in our lives that are, in fact, emotionally traumatic. Left unattended, this trauma can wreak havoc on our minds and bodies, bringing about physical symptoms of pain and rendering us unsafe, anxious, and feeling unfulfilled.

    In The Unspoken, author Ashley Haseotes shares her story of hitting rock bottom and finally coming to grips with the reality of her trauma. Suffering deeply and feeling overwhelmed, she becomes debilitatingly ill with chronic migraines and vertigo that leave her confined to her bed for months. Unable to work and take care of her children, lost and disconnected from her life purpose, she stares down feelings of unbridled failure and unsurmountable stress.

    Through Ashley’s journey of chronic pain, a breathtaking spiritual healing is catalyzed. Her memoir is a story of walking through the storm to emerge reborn—to be healed. And if you are willing to do the work, you’ll find an opportunity for your own healing woven into each page.