M. M. Dewil

M. M. Dewil
  • From award-winning Hollywood writer and director M. M. Dewil, The Helper is a bare and addictive psychological thriller perfect for fans of Gone Girl and The Push.

    Mary Williams—faced with unexpectedly losing her job and the possibility of losing custody of her daughter as well—answers an unusual help wanted ad. When an ailing man offers her an outrageous proposal that could solve all her problems, Mary takes fate into her own hands and accepts, agreeing to the extraordinary thing this man is asking.

    It’s a decision that changes everything.

    Because what Mary thought was true is in fact a lie, and now she faces a new reality that is far more disastrous than anything she could have imagined.

    Relentless and propulsive, The Helper is a compulsive page-turner fueled by lies, deceit, and revenge. Punctuated by biting wit and satirical social commentary, Dewil’s debut gives us a peek behind the lie that was once the American dream and explores the story of one woman struggling for footing in the modern world.