Baron Ryan

Baron Ryan
  • Seinfeld meets Fleabag in A Comedy of Nobodies, the debut story collection from popular internet filmmaker Baron Ryan. 

    Charlie knows he’s not the main character in his own story. He’s just one more schmuck trying to navigate life in the Ivy League. He plays in a terrible jazz band, falls in love far too easily, and generally struggles with the business of being human.

    With understated hilarity this collection chronicles Charlie and his friends as they explore the meaning of life through the stories they grew up with, the stories they tell each other, and the stories they tell themselves.

    As Charlie tries to find love using the scientific method, babysits a toddler in exchange for a chance to loosen those financial aid purse-strings, jumps out a window to escape a jealous football player’s wrath, and enrages a packed hockey stadium by replacing the national anthem with a jazz-trio rendition of “American Pie,” he discovers that the answers to life’s most pressing questions are almost always just more questions.

    Written in a wry, comedic style that favors sagacity over gags and perceptiveness over punchlines, A Comedy of Nobodies: A Collection of Stories traces one fall semester in the lives of four nobodies trying to be somebodies, trying to understand to feel more understood. Now if only Charlie could break in those new shoes …