Zach Daniel

Zach Daniel
  • Left unreconciled, the stories of our past will become the harbingers of our future.

    Nick Jacob’s father meant the world to him. Murdered during an apparent robbery, the loss of his only mentor, friend, and idol left a crimson stain on the pure fabric of Nick’s teenage life. Carrying the unimaginable burden of grief into his thirties, the haunting events of the past stir a new sensation deep inside of him. Fueled by anger and a sense of injustice, he begins a dark crusade to avenge others who have been similarly wronged.

    The traumatic events of the past puppeteer Nick toward a destiny that he never chose for himself. Expecting to obtain solace, Nick begins to uncover the truth of his father’s murder. He soon realizes that he isn’t only in a fight with his inner demons, but with what is unearthed in the investigation. A fight that stands between him and the future he desires; which may cost him everything.

    Manifest Destiny injects readers into a world filled with depth, drama, and timeless wisdom. Nick’s story of a desire for justice shows the gravitational pull that the past exerts on our lives. But unfortunately, seeking vengeance for his father’s murder only condemns his future.

    Left unforgiven, the dark stories of our history are doomed to play on infinite repeat. But as we beseech the world seeking growth and change, we need only lay down our past as the necessary sacrifice.