Pim Wangtechawat

Pim Wangtechawat
  • Soon to be a major Netflix series, The Moon Represents My Heart is a lush, hopeful novel, for fans of The Immortalists and Everything I Never Told You, that follows a Chinese British family of time travelers as they seek connections over borders—both national borders and those created by time.

    A love lost in time. An eternity to find it. 

    The Wang family is hiding a secret—they all have the ability to time travel. When parents Joshua and Lily depart for the past and never return, their children Tommy and Eva are forced to deal with their grief alone. Eva tries to find her place in the present, while Tommy is pulled further and further into a past that he hopes holds the truth. When he falls in love with a woman from 1930s London Chinatown, his inability to confront his own history has serious ramifications for the people who can truly bring him happiness. 

    Heartfelt and hopeful, weaving through decades and across continents and told through incredible prose, The Moon Represents My Heart is an unforgettable debut about the bond between one extraordinary family and the strength it takes to move forward.