Heather Akumiah

Heather Akumiah
  • In H. B. Akumiah’s lively and charming debut, three young women discover the unbelievable: they’re witches, and their newfound magic may be the key to saving the world …

    The Witch Sphere is in turmoil. In the years since a stunning betrayal sent shock waves through society, the Sphere was hit with a crisis: witches are giving birth to more typics (non-witches) and their numbers are diminishing. Nadia is determined to help, but she finds her efforts at the Witch Health Organization entangled with the political machinations of her powerful mother.

    A public relations assistant, a teacher, and a former child star walk into a bar bathroom … on what happens to be all of their twenty-second birthday and, like many twentysomethings, they become fast tipsy friends. But unlike most twentysomethings, their night of partying ends with an accidental act of magic. Suddenly, Maya, Gabbie, and Delali find themselves thrust into a world of spells and potions with only a mysterious mentor as a guide.

    As the girls learn to harness their new power, Nadia starts to notice spikes in the magic baseline and suspects an unknown cadre of witches may be the key to solving the Typic Crisis. Can this unlikely coven come together and save the Sphere, or are there darker forces at play? Either way these Bad Witches are going to find a way to have some fun.