Lilian Horn

Lilian Horn
  • Following their harrowing journey in Perils of Sea and Sky, Captain Rosanne Drackenheart is determined to discover the secrets of the map her father left behind. But the Veil has left its scars in Rosanne’s heart, as she’s still hurting from the choices she made while being courted by the Forest Devil himself.

    Grappling with her guilt, she gathers her crew, including a disguised Aros Bernhart who seeks escape from the inquisition, and heads back into the inhospitable fog. The crew believes that since they had escaped the terrors of the magical mist before, they are better equipped this time to explore the islands within. 

    They couldn’t be more wrong.

    Beset by shape-shifting creatures able to infiltrate dreams, Rosanne is faced with an invisible adversary forcing her to confront her fragile mind. As their journey takes them to the very heart of the Veil, hybrid monsters stalk the Red Queen, and Rosanne must once again work together with Aros to see their journey through or be lost to the Grey Veil forever like so many before them.  

  • “A rollicking adventure with innovative technology and characters you’d trust with your life—or your imagination!” —Shelley Adina, bestselling author of the Magnificent Devices steampunk series.

    “[Perils of Sea and Sky] is a riveting story that will keep readers glued to their seats until its satisfying conclusion.” —Booklist

    In the early 1700s, the discovery of antigravity technology led to the development of the aeroship trade. But there is one area that no sky captain dares to venture, and that is the Grey Veil: an inhospitable fog threatening the lives and sanity of all who enter.

    With the Veil under a strict travel-ban, most level-headed pilots circumvent this treacherous place. Captain Rosanne Drackenheart, on the other hand, makes a pretty penny conducting her smuggling operation through the very edge of the mysterious fog.

    When she is blackmailed into searching for a lost warship, she is forced to venture into the untraversed bowels of the Veil. Rosanne must protect her crew from mystical creatures, defend against pirates gunning for her ship, and save herself from the creature known as the Forest Devil.

    Featuring Scandinavian myths and steampunk elements, Perils of Sea and Sky is a thrilling high fantasy adventure.