Douglas Day Stewart

Douglas Day Stewart
  • The official sequel to the 1982 hit film, An Officer and a Gentleman‘s Daughter is a brilliant story of struggle and redemption written by Academy Award–nominated screenwriter Douglas Day Stewart.

    Thirty-five years after the events of An Officer and a Gentleman, Zack Mayo finds himself facing a very different kind of struggle. His beloved wife died tragically over a decade ago, his daughter—severely impacted by the death of her mother—disappeared after turning to drugs, and now he is being forced into retirement after a heroic career.

    Convinced his daughter had died two years ago in a fire, Mayo is shocked when she shows up as a student in the last class he will teach before retirement. Shannon Mayo must accomplish the impossible if she is to pass her father’s class and prove to herself that she has fully conquered her demons. Jet school is an unforgiving gauntlet for student and teacher, and their own personal journey is fraught with guilt, grief, and secrets that must be faced by both father and daughter before it’s too late.

    It’s up to an old mentor to help them navigate their way forward, allowing a daughter to forgive herself for the past and regain her love of life, and a father to prove to himself that he truly is an officer and a gentleman.