Terry M. Iverson

Terry M. Iverson
  • Growing up, we are often taught never to question the value of a good education. From the moment they “graduate” from making castles in sandboxes, the actions and interests of young adolescents are measured by how enticing they will appear on the almighty “college application.” But if you stop to consider that the total student debt in the United States is estimated to be $1.3 trillion (more than credit card and auto loan debt combined), you may begin to wonder what the true “value” of a college education actually is.

    In Inspiring Champions in Manufacturing, the indomitable Terry M. Iverson challenges our culture’s axiom that sustainable careers may only be achieved through a college education. Through his own love, heritage, and mastery of the fine art of manufacturing, Iverson contends that careers in manufacturing offer stability, security, and prosperity for our entire nation. Iverson illustrates the power of manufacturing through in-depth research, personal stories, and over forty interviews with some of the most remarkable authors, CEOs, sports figures, and other influencers.

    While half of the book speaks directly to parents, the latter half shepherds inquisitive youth curious about the options available to them.

    Inspiring Champions in Manufacturing teaches parents and students:

    • Why cultural pressure steers parents and high school students toward college

    • How college pathways leave even the brightest students in debt, deferring home purchases and more

    • The untold potential of a career in manufacturing

    • How the US has a skill shortage that rewards fulfillment with impressive salaries and advancement opportunities

    • How technological advances have made manufacturing into a digital ecosystem versus an industrial complex

    • Action plans for both parents and youth to get involved in manufacturing

    Inspiring Champions in Manufacturing provides parents and students a roadmap for career success, self-fulfillment, and a zero-debt foundation. With their eyes wide open, students will be free to envision the monumental potential that awaits them in a manufacturing career.