Patricia Ann

Patricia Ann
  • Waiting for the Thaw is an inspirational story of one woman’s journey through the darkest depths of loss and her eventual ascension back to a life rich with fulfillment. Patricia Ann’s wonderfully descriptive retelling of her life’s story is absolutely captivating.

    Pulling the listener in immediately, she describes meeting her future husband, Don, in the most humorous and unexpected way. Their subsequent rollercoaster of life’s challenges includes the joy of becoming parents to two beautiful daughters and eventually becoming grandparents of three grandchildren. With a thriving business and a loving family, they were enjoying life to the fullest.

    Then, suddenly, the lights of a young life go dark. Don’s unexpected death is a crushing blow to Patricia and her family. Dreams unfulfilled, unbearable grief, and now, for the first time in her life, Patricia is fighting for the strength to go on.

    That is where this amazing, inspirational story delivers on all levels. The author beautifully articulates the struggle to get back into life and run a business on her own. It gives hope to all who have suffered or will suffer the devastating loss of a loved one.

    Patricia’s story is not only about everlasting love but also about survival and what it takes to make life worth living again.