Robert Silverberg

Robert Silverberg
  • A tale of transcendence, Downward to the Earth is a remarkable novel from one of the most imaginative minds in science fiction.

    Edmund Gunderson—former Terran governor of the colony world of Belzagor—returns eight years after the planet has gained independence, drawn back for reasons he can’t quite explain. Things have changed significantly since he left, and he plays his part well—slightly pompous, former government official—for the tourists he encounters on the way down.

    But this is more than a simple sight-seeing visit. As Gunderson comes face to face with the consequences of his former attitudes and actions, he finds himself on a journey—both physical and spiritual—to the legendary mountain of rebirth.

  • From multiple Hugo and Nebula award winning author Robert Silverberg, Roma Eterna takes an in-depth look at an alternative history in which the Roman Empire survives into the twenty-first century and beyond.

    What would happen if Imperial Rome never fell? Roma Eterna, spanning fifteen-hundred years of global history, follows the reign of the Roman Empire from its inception to the present day. Empire continues to expand, creeping across the globe and through the annals of history from the conquest of the Mayans to the first circumnavigational voyage, and finally the attempt of the Hebrews to flee Rome’s tyranny by escaping to another planet.

    Originally published as a series of short stories, Roma Eterna presents a powerful new world written by an endlessly imaginative writer.

  • Up the Line is a ribald, Byzantine tale of time-tourism from multiple Nebula and Hugo Award–winning author Robert Silverberg.

    It’s 2059 and Jud Elliott—former law clerk and failed Harvard history student—is at loose ends. Having left his previous job out of boredom, he finally takes a position as a Time Courier showing tourists around medieval and ancient Byzantium. Maybe that unfinished Masters degree will come in handy after all …

    Jud is careful and he (mostly) plays by the rules, not wanting to get on the wrong side of the Time Patrol. But, on one trip up the line, he meets and falls in love with his great-great-multi-great grandmother and suddenly the rules don’t seem as important anymore …

  • From Hugo and Nebula Award-winning author Robert Silverberg, Lord of Darkness is a classic swashbuckling adventure inspired by a true story.

    Captured by pirates and brought to the west coast of Africa, young British seaman Andrew Battell longs for his home in 17th Century England. His only hope of returning is to work hard and be awarded freedom by his Portuguese captors—a freedom he is consistently denied.

    As he is moved further and further inland, away from the coast and any hope of a boat back to England, Battell’s dreams of freedom begin to dwindle. Finally, taking matters into his own hands, he escapes and takes sanctuary among the Jaqqas, a tribe of cannibalistic warriors lead by the sinister Lord of Darkness …

    Battell recounts his own story in a vivid novel of furious force, singular passion, and intimate detail.


    Dubbed “the most significant and controversial SF book” of its generation, Harlan Ellison’s groundbreaking collection launched an entire subgenre: New Wave science fiction. With contributions from legendary authors and multiple Hugo and Nebula Awards, Dangerous Visions returns to print in a stunning new edition perfect for new and returning fans alike. 

    A landmark short story collection that put the more character-based New Wave science fiction on the map, Dangerous Visions won several prestigious awards and was nominated for many others. This now-classic anthology includes thirty-three stories by thirty-two award-winning authors, over half of whom have won multiple Hugo and Nebula Awards. Contributing authors include: Robert Silverberg, Frederik Pohl, Brian W. Aldiss, Philip K. Dick, Larry Niven, Fritz Leiber, Poul Anderson, Theodore Sturgeon, J.G. Ballard, Samuel R. Delany, and Ellison himself.

    As relevant now as it was when first published, Dangerous Visions is a phenomenal collection that deserves a place on every bookshelf.

  • A remarkable collection, Robots through the Ages includes stories from some of the best writers of science fiction, both old and new.

    This anthology, with an introduction by Robert Silverberg, offers a sweeping survey of robots as depicted throughout literature. Since the Iliad—in which we are shown golden statues built by Hephaestus “with minds and wisdoms”—humans have been fascinated by the idea of artificial life. From the Argonautica to the medieval Jewish legend of the Golem and Ambrose Bierce’s tale of a chess-playing robot, the idea of what robots are—and who creates them—can be drastically different.

    This book collects a broad selection of short stories from celebrated authors such as Philip K. Dick, Seanan McGuire, Roger Zelazny, Connie Willis, and many more. Robots through the Ages not only celebrates the history of robots and the genre of science fiction, but the dauntless nature of human ingenuity.