James Phelan

James Phelan
  • From bestselling and award-winning author James Phelan, the thrilling Jed Walker series continues in The Agency.

    It’s 2005, New Orleans, pre-Katrina, and Jed Walker has just started at the CIA. He’s sent on a mission by Harold Richter, CIA field operations legend and trainer of agents provocateur. The task is a one-way ticket—survive and succeed at all costs—and Walker is an off-the-grid, solo, deniable asset.

    As Katrina comes to town to forever change a city and a country, it’s clear to Walker that his life as a spy has the potential to shape global events. From Langley to Louisiana, Washington to Moscow, The Agency moves like a hurricane through a treacherous landscape of double crosses, false identities, and enemies old and new.

  • From bestselling and award-winning author James Phelan, Jed Walker is back in another heart-stopping thriller—Dark Heart.

    In war-torn Syria, the lone survivor of a massacre is pulled from beneath a pile of bodies. She is given one instruction: “Find Jed Walker.”

    Ex-CIA, Walker is a man who thought he was long out of the game. Discovering a terror outfit is smuggling people from the Middle East into the United States, he is drawn back in. At first Walker thinks these human traffickers are driven purely by profit and greed, but soon learns their motives are much worse—and they have ties to the highest levels of power.

    As the body count rises and deadly enemies stalk from the shadows, Walker uncovers the shocking truth behind an operation intended to bring America to its knees. He must work against time, and powerful adversaries, to uncover the truth behind the operation and prevent a global catastrophe from being unleashed.

    If he lives, Jed Walker will learn the true cost of life … and the knowledge will change him forever.

  • Jed Walker has forty-eight hours to save the world.

    The countdown has begun … 

    The world is under cyber attack. The secretive terror outfit known as Zodiac is preparing to unleash chaos. The options for the hackers are endless.

    From massive data breaches, takedowns of critical infrastructure, and commandeering military hardware, nothing networked is safe. Knowing where they will strike is half the battle. The only thing certain is their intent to create a devastating global catastrophe.

    The US president has the power to enact the Internet Freedom Act—the “Kill Switch”— and turn off the Net, which will stop the attacks. But it’s not that simple. Without electronic communication, the US will plummet into—and the rest of the world will soon follow.

    One man, ex–CIA operative Jed Walker, has forty-eight hours to stop the terrorists. But for Jed, Zodiac isn’t the only thing he has to worry about. To protect the future he must reconnect with a woman from his past. No matter which way he turns, he has tough choices to make, and not everyone will get out alive. For Walker, the countdown starts now … 

  • In 2011, Seal Team Six killed Osama Bin Laden. Now, four years later, someone is eliminating Team Six—one by one.

    Jed Walker, ex-CIA, is an outsider back in the game. He’s been chasing down a sinister group code-named Zodiac that the big guns—MI5, CIA, the Pentagon—have failed to eradicate. But as Walker follows the trail of bodies, uncovering secrets and making connections he’s not supposed to make, he finds the answers are closer to home than he ever imagined.

    Revenge is the obvious motive—but nothing is ever that simple in love and war.

    Can Walker find who’s responsible before the body count grows? Can he stop another terror attack before more innocents suffer?

    When the line between the good and the bad becomes blurred, when the hunters become the hunted, only one man can save us all.

  • Jed Walker is the man you want watching your back.

    A sinister group—code-named Zodiac—has launched a series of devastating global attacks. Twelve targets across the world, twelve code-named missions. Operating distinct sleeper cells, they are the ultimate terrorist organization, watching and waiting for a precise moment to activate the next group. It’s a frightening and deadly efficient way to stay one step ahead … and cause the most chaos.

    For ex–CIA operative Jed Walker, chaos is his profession. Burned by his former agency, he is determined to clear his name. Stopping Zodiac is the only way. Desperate to catch the killers and find the mastermind, he can’t afford to lose the next lead—but that means that sometimes the terrorists have to win.

    Ultimately, it all comes down to Walker: he’s the only one who can break the chain and put the group to sleep … permanently. And he’s got exactly eighty-one hours until deadline.