Mark Bowser

Mark Bowser
  • “Mark Bowser tells a very effective story on what leadership is and how you can achieve it. It is never too late to get better. This book will help you do just that.” —Lee Cockerell (Retired and Inspired), Executive Vice President, Walt Disney World

    Andrew found himself in an almost impossible situation. Promoted because of the passing of his beloved uncle and mourning his loss, Andrew felt the weight of the entire company falling squarely on his shoulders. Moreover, he felt ill-equipped and highly incompetent to fill the shoes of such a great leader.

    In this inspiring business fable, Mark Bowser introduces you to characters that are as real as the people you eat breakfast with. As you open up Thrown In, you’ll get a front-row seat as Andrew Steele struggles to lift up a business that is stagnating into mediocrity. At a loss as to his next step, Andrew meets a mysterious stranger who changes his outlook on his business and his life.

    This stranger turned mentor, Digger Jones, teaches Andrew how to be the leader he was always meant to be, filling the enormous shoes of his beloved uncle and turning a failing business into a success.

    Thrown In will teach you leadership principles that stand the test of time and increase your influence and productivity. Get ready to learn and be entertained!