Rebecca Gibel

Rebecca Gibel
  • From USA Today bestselling author Rachel Hanna, Happy Harbor is a heartfelt, hometown romance perfect for fans of Debbie Macomber and Susan Mallery.

    Josie Campbell has spent her entire adult life distancing herself from her childhood in the small Southern town of Happy Harbor. Growing up with an alcoholic mother who was either absent or scandalizing the town with her antics, all Josie ever wanted was to escape to somewhere no one knew her as Diane’s daughter. Now, she finally has it all—a great job, a condo in one of Atlanta’s most desirable areas, a successful fiancé, and her teenage daughter, Kendra, enrolled at a top-rated school.

    But when that life falls apart, and her beloved nana dies, Josie is forced to return to the one place she never wanted to visit again. Soon, she finds herself stepping into Nana’s shoes in Happy Harbor: running her quaint restaurant, living in their family’s historic home, and bumping into Walker Jackson—the disturbingly handsome man who lives in the guest house—on a near daily basis. All of which sounds idyllic, if it weren’t for the painful memories lurking around every corner. Still, the place seems to be good for Kendra, who begs to stay, and Josie is inclined to at least make an attempt at a new life in this old town.

    That is, until her mother turns up. Diane insists she’s truly sober now and wants just one more chance. Nana’s last wish was for the two of them to reconcile, and she’s even arranged things to help make that happen. But with a lifetime of painful experiences that have taught her not to trust this woman, can Josie truly bring herself to forgive Diane?

  • An unforgettable story about grief, love, and what it means to be haunted, The Ocean in Winter marks the debut of a remarkable new voice in fiction.

    The lives of the three Emery sisters were changed forever when Alex found their mother drowned in the bathtub of their home. After their mother’s suicide, the girls’ father shut down emotionally, leaving Alex responsible for caring for Colleen and little Riley. Now the girls are grown and navigating different directions. Decades may have passed, but the unresolved trauma of their mother’s death still looms over them, creating distance between the sisters.

    Then, on a March night, a storm rages near the coast of northeastern Massachusetts. Alex sits alone in an old farmhouse she inherited. The lights are out because of the storm; then, an unexpected knock at the door. When Alex opens it, her beautiful younger sister stands before her. Riley has long been estranged from their family, prompting Colleen to hire the private investigator from whom they’d been awaiting news.

    After her mysterious visitation, Alex and Colleen are determined to reconcile with Riley and to face their painful past.