Harvey Mackay

Harvey Mackay
  • Harvey Mackay takes readers back to the most basic tool that all of our speech is composed of: the alphabet.

    In The ABCs of Business Success, each individual letter holds a sacred significance in business, relationships, and life itself.

    In his classic “to-the-point” style, Harvey casts light upon the keystone concepts in the most foundational areas of business. The format of the book is delightful and engaging, with each section composed of an alphabetical list, encapsulating all of the most pertinent knowledge for readers. Each list mirrors Harvey’s own meticulous level of organization that he brings to his businesses, speaking and writing careers, and his widespread community involvement.

    The ABCs of Business Success strikes a fine balance of both humor and seriousness, marrying something as light-hearted as the humble alphabet with advanced entrepreneurial concepts. With an extensive and nuanced career, Harvey has no shortage of experience to share with his readers to give them an edge over the competition.

    Putting the alphabet on center stage, this book elevates new students as well as seasoned pros to their maximum performance. If you thought that the ABCs would only be relevant in kindergarten, Harvey is here to take you back to school!