Scott Hogle

Scott Hogle
  • “This daily devotional will bring a fresh fire to your faith”
    —Mark Batterson, NYT bestselling author of The Circle Maker

    Is it possible to bring the beauty of Jesus you experience in weekend worship into your weekday work?

    YES! Did you know that God is with you while you work, not only when you worship? Your work becomes your worship when you invite God into your daily life. Divine Intelligence will help you bring the principles, peace, and person of Jesus together in a new way so you can experience His presence in everything you do.

    This devotional will make scripture come to life and help reignite your passion for Christ. Filled with wisdom from the inspired mentors of the Bible, this pioneering work will help you:

    • Grow in Christ-like character

    • Develop a deeper, abiding intimacy with God.

    • Reach your potential in your vocational calling.

    • Learn God’s solutions to work-related problems.

    • Gather strength for the journey in actionable steps.

    • Discover God’s greater purposes in your career calling.

    • Increase your confidence as a Christian living in a secular world.

    You will experience joy unspeakable as you bring Jesus into your “everyday everythings.” You were made to abide in unbroken fellowship with God, and Divine Intelligence will show you how.